I have been designing jewellery on and off since I was six years old.  HOTI (an acronym for my Corporation Hands of Time Inc.) was created in April 2003.  At the time I was a Certified General Accounting student looking for a new full-time job.  I needed a creative outlet and I had always loved making cute and funky fun jewellery.   My first handmade knotted hemp designs were one-of-a-kind keychain Hemp People with sweet hand burned wood bead faces; giving each one a unique look and character.  

After visiting a number of hemp stores, I noticed that there was a real lack of high quality well made removable hemp jewellery on the market.  With a good pair of sandals on my feet, a bag of Hemp People and jewellery on my back, and my friend Sid at my side, we walked the main streets and arteries of downtown Toronto selling HOTI creations to local hemp stores and boutiques.  Alligator “Clip-It” style hemp bracelets were inspired by Dominic at THC who was looking for a wearable clip jewellery solution.  All men's and women's hand crafted HOTI Hemp bracelets are available in both lobster clasp and alligator Clip-It roach clip 420 styles.  If your size is not available, I'll make you one to order.  Many artistic handmade pieces were inspired by and designed for Toronto store owners, customers and friends.  The HOTI collection of men's and ladies bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chokers, keychains, roach clips, earrings and removable hemp hair wraps quickly grew into 100s of stylish designs and it’s still growing strong to this day.


Faythe R. Pal